Asia-Pacific Model E-Port Network

APMEN Operational Center & UNIDO-SIPC

2018 Summer Internship Program


亚太示范电子口岸网络运营中心(Asia-Pacific Model E-Port Network Operational Center, 简称“APMEN Operation Center”) 和联合国工业发展组织上海投资促进中心(UNIDO- Shanghai Investment Promotion Office,简称“UNIDO-SIPC”)暑期实习生项目将为有志于从事国际合作、跨境贸易及双向投资的在校学生提供充满挑战与机遇的工作经历。通过 深度参与亚太经合组织(APEC)贸易便利化项目——亚太示范电子口岸网络及其运营中心, 以及联合国工业发展组织(UNIDO)全球 10 个投资与技术促进办事处之一的上海投资促进中心的各项工作,实习生将有机会拓宽国际化视野、深入研究或参与跨境双向投资项目、提 升对贸易便利化的认知水平。

The Asia-Pacific Model E-Port Network Operational Center (APMEN Operation Center) and Shanghai Investment Promotion Office (UNIDO-SIPC) Summer Internship Program aims to provide a challenging as well as exciting working experience to colleague students who are endeavoring to pursue a career in international cooperation, international trade and two-way investment. By working closely with the team on APMEN, an APEC initiative on trade facilitation and UNIDO-SIPC, one of the UNIDO’s 10 Investment and Technology Promotion Offices (ITPOs) worldwide, successful candidates will have opportunities to broaden their international views, to research and participate in cross-border two-way investment projects, and to strengthen their knowledge on trade facilitation as well.

关于APMEN 及APMEN Operational Center

About APMEN and APMEN Operational Center

亚太示范电子口岸网络(Asia-Pacific Model E-Port Network,简称“APMEN”)是经2014 年亚太经合组织(APEC)领导人会议批准的项目。APMEN 旨在通过开展贸易便利化及口岸信息化等领域研究、试点项目探索、能力建设等活动,推进亚太地区贸易口岸互联互通、提升贸易便利化水平。目前已有 11 个 APEC 经济体的 18 个口岸加入成为 APMEN 成员。 APMEN 运营中心AOC 位于上海,负责 APMEN 的日常工作。详细介绍请访问 APMEN网站

Asia-Pacific Model E-Port Network (APMEN), a project endorsed by APEC Leaders at Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Meeting in 2014, is committed to advancing trade facilitation and enhancing trade ports connectivity by carrying out series of programs including literature review, pilot projects and capacity building. Up to now, 18 ports or e-ports from 11 economies have joined APMEN. Located in Shanghai, AOC is responsible for the daily work on APMEN. For more information please visit APMEN official website at:



联合国工业发展组织(UNIDO)成立于 1966 年,总部在奥地利维也纳,是致力于促进工业发展的联合国专门机构,努力完成减贫、包容性全球化和环境可持续性方面的目标。联合国工业发展组织上海投资促进中心(UNIDO-SIPC),是由联合国工业发展组织、国家商务部和上海市人民政府共同成立的,旨在推动外资与技术进入上海,同时促进中国资金与技术进入其他发展中国家和转型经济体的专门机构。作为全球 10 个投资与技术促进办事处之一, UNIDO-SIPC 向企业发展机构、地方政府、投资促进机构等提供高附加值的咨询服务,调动投资、技术、知识和技能,在中国和其他发展中国家实施可持续、包容和创新性项目。详细介绍请访问 UNIDO 网 站 promotion-offices-itpos

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), established in 1966, is the specialized agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability. ITPO Shanghai/Shanghai Investment Promotion Center (UNIDO-SIPC) was established in August 2001 under an agreement between the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, MOFCOM of China and UNIDO, is one of the UNIDO’s 10 ITPOs worldwide. Its mission is to promote both inward and outward investment and technology. ITPO Shanghai/SIPC provides value-added advisory services to institutions including business development organizations, local governments, and investment promotion agencies (IPAs) to mobilize investment, technology, knowledge and technical skills for the implementation of sustainable, inclusive and innovative projects in China and other developing countries. For more information please visit UNIDO official website at: technology-promotion-offices-itpos.


Job Description

1. APMEN Operational Center 及 UNIDO-SIPC 各项活动和会议的支持;

Support APMEN Operational Center and UNIDO-SIPC meetings and events;


Research on literatures and cases regarding the area of trade facilitation, cross broader e- commerce, and two-way investment promotion;


Planning and implementation on trade facilitation projects;


Planning and implementation on two-way investment promotion projects.


Qualifications and skills

1.2019 年毕业的在校硕士生(同时欢迎 2019 年毕业的优秀本科生);

To graduate in 2019 with master degree (distinctive undergraduates are also welcome);


Major in Economics, Trade, Finance, Logistics, Management, Law, Journalism, Language (such as Chinese, English, French, Russian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Arabic etc.), IT or relevant discipline;


High English proficiency, proficiency in minor language such as French, Russian, Portuguese, German, Japanese and Arabic is preferred;


Have interest and enthusiasm in the field of international cooperation, trade facilitation and cross-border investment;


Excellent research skills;


Self-motivated and able to work on own initiative as well as in a team;

7.实习期限为 2018 年 7-8 月。

Internship period: July – Aug, 2018.


Benefits and Location


Travel and meal allowance provided;

2.工作地点: 上海市浦东新区陆家嘴地区。

Office Location: Lujiazui, Pudong New District, Shanghai.


Application Process


有意向的同学请于 6 月 1 日前将简历(中英文、PDF 格式)投至,邮件主题与附件名格式为: AOC 2018 实习+ 姓名+学校+专业+年级(附件不大于 2M),并请注明可以开始的实习时间。

Candidates with interests please send your CV (in both Chinese and English, in PDF) to before 1st June, subject being ‘AOC 2018 Internship + Name + University + Major + Year’ (attachment no greater than 2M). Please also indicate the date of availability.