Asia-Pacific Model E-Port Network

The 2nd APMEN Capacity Building Program started in Shanghai


Supported and funded by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC (MOFCOM), the 2nd APMEN Capacity Building Program was started in Shanghai on 10 September. Participants are invited from APEC, BRICS and Lancang-Mekong Cooperation member economies.


On the morning of 12 September, participants visited the APMEN Operational Center (AOC), where they learned the background information of APMEN. AOC also introduced their recent working progress, especially the current progress of APMEN pilot projects. Participants from different economies expressed interests in pushing their own country to join APMEN, to cooperate in the pilot projects, and to promote trade facilitation.

In the next three weeks during the Capacity Building Program, participants will attend a series of lectures and workshops. The topics range from E-port and trade facilitation, to cross-border E-commerce. In addition, field trips are arranged to Shanghai E-port, Yangshan Deep-Water Port. Moreover, participants will travel to Xiamen and visit the Xiamen E-port.